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Which Types Of Air Conditioning Systems Can You Choose?

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Before investing in an air conditioning system for your home, it would be essential to evaluate the various systems that are available to you. This would help you determine what would be the right fit for your specific needs. Your choice of air conditioning system will also dictate how efficient the system will be in providing you with adequate heating and cooling. So what are the different types of air conditioning systems that you can choose from?

Portable air conditioning systems

One of the more common air conditioning solutions that you will find in the market are the portable units. These are characterised by being free standing and come with durable casters that provide them with mobility. Although portable air conditioning units are one of the more basic alternatives you could consider, they do come with additional features. Some of the features you could find include a remote control for easy operation of your portable unit, dehumidification properties as well as heating capabilities. The main advantage of portable units is they are space saving, making them ideal for smaller rooms.

Window air conditioning systems

These types of air conditioners are also referred to as through-the-wall units. As the names suggest, they are installed right in your window or will be mounted through an opening in the wall. Installation of window air conditioning system will require the use of a chassis to keep them mounted in place. Just as portable units, window units can also be moved around from one room to another as the chassis has the capability of sliding out. Additional features that you can get with a window air conditioning unit include auto-start functionality and washable filters to ensure the indoor air quality is not compromised.

Split system air conditioning systems

This type of air conditioning system comes in two main varieties, the multi-split systems as well as the mini split systems. If you are looking for an energy efficient alternative, this type of air conditioning system would be your best bet. The reason for this is split systems can be used to create individual heating and cooling zones in your home. Therefore, you can decrease the amount of energy consumed by air conditioning your entire property to simply circulating the air conditioned air to the respective rooms that need it. Moreover, these types of systems are ductless. Therefore, you would not need extensive installation to have the system up and running.