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Ducted Air Conditioning

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Installing ducted air conditioning means climate-regulated comfort all year with just the touch of a button. It is possible to install a ducted system in both new and existing homes. However, some homes are not suitable for ducted AC due to scarce space.

How ducted air conditioners work

Ducted air conditioners operate through a series of ducts to cool a house. Ducted air conditioners have an internal fan coil unit established in the roof space of a home. From this central point, a sequence of ducts run from the fan to as many rooms as desired. These ducts allow you to heat or cool each room individually. This is done by use of the thermostat on the wall that allows you to select the desired temperature.

When constructing new homes or doing renovations, ducted air conditioning is a feasible option. However, due to the amount of work required to install a ducted air conditioning unit, people with established homes are discouraged from doing so.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

  1. Ducted ACs are concealed, providing a well-hidden design that is suitable for controlling climate from a single source to multiple rooms. In addition, they only have grills mounted in ceilings or floors that do not disrupt the ultimate look of a room like a wall-mounted unit would. The discreet air vents can blend with the aesthetic specification of a home.
  2. Ducted AC is the quietest of all conditioning options, as the units can be located in less noise-crucial areas such as ceilings or under floors. The units are designed to minimize sound.
  3. In many cases, it is cheaper to install ducted AC than to install wall-hung systems in every room. In addition, ducted air conditioning increases the value of a home.
  4. They offer a central temperature and zone control with set-and-forget timers. This is with a conveniently placed thermostat mounted on a wall with options to control the system.
  5. Their capability to introduce fresh air is great for high occupancy rooms. Air vents can be arranged to ensure even air distribution for maximum comfort.

With ducted ACs, homeowners have multiple features to enjoy, including aesthetic appeal, individual zoning and less noise. Your house's layout will ultimately determine if ducted AC is suitable for you. Consulting a specialist is important before making the choice to install a ducted AC unit. Get in touch with a specialist and choose a ducted AC that suits your budget.