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Tips to Keeping Your Cool Room at an Optimum Temperature

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Cool room maintenance is easy to overlook for some people. As long as it seems to be working properly, you may be thinking that you do not have to keep a keen eye on it. However, neglecting this space in your commercial property will eventually lead to its decline as potential problem go unnoticed. 

As a result, you could end up losing your entire perishable stock and lose a considerable amount of money. Taking care of your cool room doesn't just keep it running; it can also reduce your energy costs since it will not be overworking. So, what are a few of the tips to keeping your cool room at optimum?

Keep a sharp eye out for leaks

One of the first signs of decline that you will notice with your cool room is the onset of leaks. Nonetheless, some business owners may only be alarmed when they notice puddles of water around the cool room rather than first checking the interior. Bear in mind that before the leaks manifest outside, they will have been dripping undeterred inside. Therefore, check for unusual thawing of your food and look for water droplets inside the cool room. Any of these issues should have you calling a professional HVAC technician.

Be wary of unusual odours

Another sign that should have you seeking immediate cool room maintenance is weird smells emanating from the cool room. While some smells may be attributed to food going bad, you should question why the food has gone off before its expiry date. If you are losing stock before their expiry, it could indicate that the cool room is working inefficiently or perhaps you have set the wrong temperature for preservation. 

Secondly, it would help if you also were wary of odours because it could indicate an undetected leak. Although some leaks will be easy to spot due to the signs of water, others could go unnoticed because the water is collecting out of sight. The more water that collects, the higher the chances of bacteria breeding in this runoff and you will soon have a foul-smelling cool room.

Have a maintenance schedule

Unlike residential refrigerators, cool rooms need a maintenance schedule since they have a lot more components that require individual upkeep. So if you are thinking that calling on maintenance specialists on a regular basis when there is no apparent problem with your cool room will be a waste of money, you will be mistaken. Scheduled maintenance will dramatically help with preventing future problems since any possible issue with the components will be dealt with as they arise rather than waiting until they become aggravated.