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Three Signs That You Need to Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator

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If you are running a food-related business, you understand how crucial freshness is to the survival of your business. However, there are times when the cost of freshness goes above your projected overhead costs of running the business. One of the main reasons why refrigeration units become expensive to maintain is lowered efficiency, which leads to excessive energy consumption. Here are three common signs that you may need to replace your commercial refrigerator.

Excessive Condensation

One of the earliest indicators that your refrigerator is not functional is excessive condensation. This normally presents itself as sweating on the surface of the fridge. If your fridge looks like it is always sweating, even when the temperatures are high in the summer, it could be an indication that the cooling function is failing. Signs of mould or mildew around the refrigerator door and especially on the rubber gasket also indicate that the cooling function is not working as it should. The problem with letting this problem persist is that the temperature discrepancies between the fridge thermostat and the interior will start spoiling your food.

When the Motor Starts Heating Up

It is not unusual for commercial refrigerators to feel warm, especially when you touch the back. However, if your unit feels hot as opposed to warm, it is an indication that your unit is overworking. When the fridge is in proper working condition, the insulation on the coils at the back prevents heat from getting to the metallic surface. If the heat is excessive, it means the coils are overworking. An HVAC professional will inspect the coils and decide whether to replace the coils or the entire refrigerator.

Stale Food

Refrigerated food is supposed to stay fresh for a certain amount of time before consumption. If you notice that your food has started going bad faster than it does, it could be an indication that the unit is failing. If for instance, your liquid food supplies are taking longer than they should to cool, it could mean your fridge is using more energy than it should. The other extreme is when the entire unit becomes an icy affair. 

All these are issues that a competent HVAC contractor can help you deal with in connection with your refrigerator. As long as you have a competent contractor, installation, maintenance and repair of your refrigerators will not be a challenge. They will also advise you when it is time to replace the unit. 

Contact a company that offers commercial refrigeration repair and install services to learn more.