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Should You Install Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

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Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning has many advantages compared to other air conditioning systems. It is not the right option for everyone, but it can bring many benefits to a large number of homes. Here are some situations in which you should opt for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation.

1. You Need Different Temperatures In Different Rooms

Ducted air conditioning systems have one main advantage; they allow you to have different target temperatures in different parts of your home. Known as individual zoning, this feature is great for families who often argue about what temperature is ideal. It's also helpful when you do not use all your rooms, as it allows you to reduce energy usage by not cooling the unused rooms.

2. You Are Willing to Spend Now to Save Later

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is relatively expensive to install. However, the cost can be worth it if you are planning to stay in your home for many years, as the high efficiency of reverse cycle air con will save you money in the long run.

3. You Want to Avoid Future Maintenance

When it comes to reliability, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is hard to beat. All you need to do is keep the filters clean. This simple maintenance task is usually enough to keep your system working well all summer long. If your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system does develop maintenance problems, simply call out a local HVAC company to diagnose and solve the problem.

4. You Want to Hide Cooling Ducts in Walls

There are other ways of cooling each room in your home individually, such as a ductless split system. However, ductless split systems require you to install a bulky unit in every room, which could ruin your decorating aesthetic. Ducted systems hide the majority of the air conditioning system in the walls, so your interior decor is unaffected.

5. You Hate Noisy Air Conditioners

Compared to most other types of air conditioning systems, reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is very quiet. The main unit, which contains the compressor, sits outdoors, which means that the inside of your home experiences very little noise from the unit. Reverse cycle compression is also a relatively quiet cooling technology. As a result, you can enjoy peace and quiet in your home, which is ideal if you are a light sleeper or you need to conduct important work meetings from home.

Reach out to a professional to discuss getting ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for your home.