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Can You Tell That A Gas Heater for Your Warehouse Needs Repairs or Replacement? 3 Common Signs

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A lot of business owners have reservations when deciding whether to install or replace their gas heater. The hesitation comes from the fact that the installation is an expensive affair. Also, others who already found systems in their business premises do not take an interest in figuring out whether they are operating at optimum efficiency. As a result, you may find that warehouse operators are putting up with minimum comfort, which can be a health hazard and can, at times, also mess with your raw materials in the winter.

It is, therefore, important to hire an HVAC professional to assess your current heater's condition and determine whether you need to replace them. Here are signs that you need a new heater in your warehouse.

Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the greatest dangers that you can face when you have a malfunctioned gas heater is carbon monoxide poisoning. The problem with carbon monoxide is that it is colourless and does not have a characteristic smell. Therefore, you can only tell about its presence in your warehouse from the common poisoning signs. Some of the common signs that your warehouse might have poisoning include constant operators' headaches, nausea and breathing complications.

You can call a professional to test your gas heater and figure out whether the poisonous gas could be leaking inside your warehouse. If the damage in the system is extensive, they will recommend replacement as opposed to repairs.

When the Warehouse Is Too Humid

The other way to tell that your gas heater needs an upgrade is the amount of humidity inside the warehouse. This will show up as condensation on the door and window panels, especially when they are made of glass. In extreme cases, you might also have serious problems such as mould damage on the walls, floor, office upholstery and other warehouse parts.

It is best to have an HVAC contractor check your system's condition and replace it with a new and efficient one.

When the Warehouse Is Too Cold

You should replace your system when certain parts of the warehouse are colder than the temperature set on the thermostat. This is usually an indication that either the thermostat or other parts of the gas heater have failed. Additionally, you might notice that the pilot light has turned yellow.

The key is calling an HVAC professional to check the condition of your system. They will assess the SEER rating and see whether it is possible to salvage it. They will also recommend the replacement that will serve you best.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to learn more about gas heater repair and replacement.