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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment—To Repair or Replace?

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Commercial refrigeration equipment that's leaking, hissing, or repeatedly turning itself on and off is communicating to you that it is in need of repair or, worse, a replacement. When a refrigerator is old and has outlived its usefulness, the decision to replace it is easy. However, most of them break down before their time, making a replace-or-repair decision harder. If you are in a dilemma of deciding whether to repair or replace your refrigerator, these guidelines will help you decide


A quality refrigerator can last for years, sometimes even decades. The longer your refrigerator stays, the greater the chances of needing many repairs. A good way to decide whether your refrigerators should be repaired or replaced is to check whether it has exceeded half of its lifespan. If not, you can consider repair. But, if it has served you for more than half of the years it should last, then you can consider replacing it. However, before replacing it, you need to consider other factors such as the extent and cost of repair.

Parts to Repair

You have to consider the amount of damage to your current appliance. If it has several faulty parts, then it's time to replace.

Some parts of your refrigerator can also be costly and more difficult to repair than others. This can be either because of their delicate nature or material they are made of. Also, some generators are overly expensive to repair. For instance, built-in refrigerators are usually cheaper to repair as opposed to mobile refrigerators. You need to keep this in mind before making a decision to repair or replace your unit.

Your Warranty

If your warranty details indicate that a company you bought your commercial refrigeration equipment from will cover for the parts and labour, then you can go with the repair. If your warranty period has expired, you can try calling the refrigerator manufacturer to see if they'll honour an extended warranty. Most companies have stellar customer service and try to help in a way.

Technology Advances

Your faulty refrigerator could be costing you more money than just repairs. It could be consuming unnecessary power because of a lack of energy efficient features. Older units consume a lot of power compared to modern refrigerators, and you could be paying more on your utility bills because of its outdated features. Its faultiness may come as a blessing in disguise to motivate you to invest in a modern, energy-efficient unit.