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3 Important Checks To Help You Identify Air Filter Dirt In Your AC

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Air conditioners are increasingly making their way into Australian households, especially with summers getting hotter and hotter in the country. Summer 2016/17 in Australia saw 205 heat records broken in a short span of 90 days and is expected to be the new normal. But your air conditioner needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it remains in proper working condition. You'll need to ensure that all parts of your AC are well maintained, including your air filters designed to block dirt and dust from entering the system. Here are some ways to ensure that your air conditioner filters are clean.

Check Your Electricity Bills

Your electricity bills are a good way to check whether your air filters are clean or dirty. For instance, if you run your air conditioner regularly, you can expect 40 percent of energy directed towards cooling costs. If you notice your electricity bills suddenly spiking without any major change in consumption or even if you have reduced your cooling consumption, then it's likely because something is wrong with your air conditioner's filters. Filthy filters will force your cooling unit to perform harder to cool down the room. This enhanced load causes the motor to perform faster and consume more electricity, so make sure you change your filters on your own, or get a professional technician to do it. 

Check Whether The Air Vents Are Working Properly

If you notice that your air conditioner vents are not emitting enough cool air, then it's likely that some air is experiencing restricted flow inside the unit. This is potentially because the filters are filthy and need cleaning. If cool air is blocked from flowing into your room and gets trapped inside the unit, it will affect other parts of the AC and will cause them to break down, which will eventually trigger a complete failure of the whole system. Replacing air filters regularly should eliminate this problem.

Check For Airborne Pollutants Suspended In The Room

If you turn on your AC and notice airborne pollutants suspended in the room instead of breathing clean, fresh air, then it's likely because your filters are in trouble. When filters are too dirty, they will stop performing their pollutant blocking function and will enable these contaminants to cause havoc in your room. Ignoring this problem in your home could end up triggering sicknesses and breathing problems over time. Make sure you get a technician to change the filters if you're unable to do it on your own.

These checks are vital when you own an air conditioner, so don't take them lightly because filters are important for your cooling system's overall performance.