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4 Ways to Tell Your AC Requires a Repair

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Would you like to breathe in unfiltered air festering with unwanted micro-particles and of poor quality? Damage to your air conditioning system can not only affect your comfort while indoors but can also threaten your health. It is necessary therefore to know when your unit exhibits signs of impending repair or replacement. These can include:

Water Collecting In the Wrong Areas

Water that pools around the external unit is a sign that it may be time to look into repairs. One reason for this may be a clogged drain pipe that's causing a blockage. Due to lack of proper flow excess water eventually begins to collect outside your house. Consult an air conditioning repairs specialist once you notice this happening, to receive technical assistance.

A Spike In Your Energy Costs

While there may be several other factors that contribute to an increase in your energy consumption, the AC is a viable suspect as it takes up a considerable slice of your energy needs. A change in costs might point to a potential problem with your unit that leads to inefficiency and is worth investigating in case repairs are necessary. 

Unusual Smells

Strange smells emanating from your unit can mean one of two things. The first could be that there is mould present within the ducts or in the AC unit itself. You will know this once you begin to notice a musty smell. The second possibility might be that your insulation work has burnt out. When this happens, it produces a foul odour. Overheating is also known to emit a smell similar to burning insulation. Any foreign odour calls for immediate repair without delay to avoid developing deeper issues with your unit.

Abnormal Sounds

Strange sounds coming from the unit almost always are a sign that repairs or even replacement are imminent. Any squealing sound indicates poor lubrication of metal parts or that the belt is out of place. Grinding noises might point to broken gears. Schedule a visit from professionals in air conditioning repairs to facilitate the unit's servicing or repair and avoid costly maintenance later on.


Air conditioning units control the air quality in the home and provide a desirable climate during extreme temperatures, e.g. hot seasons. Any damage to your AC calls for immediate attention to avoid more significant issues developing down the road. Knowing how to tell when your AC is not functioning at its optimum can help you extend its lifespan.