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5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

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Ducted air conditioning systems are fantastic at keeping homes cool in summer, but when they malfunction, indoor temperatures can quickly rise. Use these troubleshooting tips to find out what is wrong with your home air conditioning system so you can get it repaired right away.

1. Check the Thermostat

Even if you're certain you haven't touched the thermostat, it is always worth double-checking the settings before you move onto more advanced troubleshooting steps. Someone else in your home could have changed the settings, or they might have reset due to a power failure. Ensure the temperature on your thermostat is set correctly before moving on.

2. Clean the Filters

Air conditioning filters remove dust, dirt and pollutants from the air that circulates around your home. Over time, these sources of dirt clog up the filters, reducing airflow. You can keep your air conditioner working well by regularly removing the filters from the unit and cleaning them with a soft brush and some soapy water.

3. Check the Ducts

Sometimes, ducted air conditioning systems stop venting cool air because a duct has become loose somewhere in the system. Check the ducts in your attic and crawlspaces to see whether any of them have detached or developed a leak. Repairing a duct is usually a simple matter of patching up the damaged part with duct tape, but you might prefer to contact an air conditioning maintenance service if you are not confident carrying out your own repairs.

4. Check the Electrical Supply

If your home air conditioner is not working at all, it might have tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse, causing the power to shut off. You can restore the power simply by inserting a new fuse or moving the circuit breaker to the ON position. If the unit keeps tripping the power, be sure to contact an air conditioning expert to find out what is causing this fault to occur.

5. Schedule an Air Conditioning Service

If you use these tips and still cannot work out why your ducted air conditioning system is not working properly, the best solution is to schedule an air conditioning service. During this check-up, a technician will test all parts in your air conditioning system to identify any that are damaged or broken. They will then let you know how much it will cost to replace the damaged parts to restore your air conditioner to full working order.