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Heating Options for Granny Flat Conversions

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Converting a garden shed to a granny flat is a project many people around the country are taking on. Though a garage flat is fine, the outdoor option of a shed conversion may offer more space for your family member. As you take on this project, there are several things to consider, and one of them is heating for colder months of the year. You may not know what heating options are available and what may work for your family member. Here are a few of the heating options available for your granny flat and what to know about each one.

Solar Heating Options

You may be concerned about running electricity from your home to the granny flat. This is especially an issue if you are in an area that seems extreme cold temperatures and your energy bill can go very high. One way to counteract this cost is to use a solar hearing option. Your HVAC contractor can install this type of heating option or work with your electrical contractor to connect solar panels to give power to your heating system in the granny flat. If you are concerned with lack of solar power, you can connect a switch to switch the power source in emergency situations.

Floor Level Heating

For many people living in granny flats, the floor is the problem when it comes to heating during colder months. With that in mind, you can have your HVAC contractor install floor-level heating. This is a heating unit that works similarly to ducted systems. The heating comes out of a floorboard-level system. The system is safe and appears just like a floorboard with no open vent that can catch on to fabrics or skin. This makes it ideal to heat the granny flat during colder months when traditional heating may not be enough.

Bathroom Heating

You may have a traditional HVAC based heating system that heats the granny flat with no issue. However, the bathroom may be an issue. Often bathrooms can get colder than other parts of the flat. This is an issue for the elderly who can get too cold too quick and get sick. You can have a heating system installed in the bathroom that can be turned on while they are out of the bath or shower and changing clothes. This will keep them warm during this time and keep them from getting a chill during the transition from clothes to bath and back to clothes.

When you are ready to have the HVAC unit and heating installed in your granny flat, contact your local HVAC contractor. They can assist you with providing options, installation and answers to questions you have. They can also help with pricing and setting up a maintenance plan suitable for the heating option you choose.