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Common Problems With Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

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As a business owner, you're responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable and healthy work environment. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to have a properly functioning commercial air conditioning system.

The air conditioner installed on your commercial premises improves the indoor work environment by keeping temperatures cool, the air clean and healthy and humidity levels consistent. But like other mechanical systems, it can develop problems over time and go on the blink.

Read along to familiarise yourself with some common problems you may face with your commercial air conditioning system. 

AC is not running

It is not uncommon for your air conditioner to turn on and off during operation. Air conditioners are designed to automatically turn off when the desired indoor temperature is reached and turn on again after the building is hotter than the thermostat setting.

If your air conditioning unit has stopped running, it is likely that the unit is not receiving power. This problem can happen due to a variety of electrical mishaps, including:

  • A blown fuse
  • A tripped circuit breaker
  • Disconnected or frayed wiring

Electrical issues are perhaps the most difficult to identify because air conditioners are made up of many electrical parts and connections, and any of these could cause your air conditioning system to stop working completely. 

AC does not cool your commercial space

An air conditioning system that runs but fails to blow cold air is a source of energy wastage on your commercial property. A lack of cold air supply to your commercial facility usually indicates that your cooling system is experiencing mechanical malfunctions or ventilation problems. 

Some common reasons why your air conditioner may fail to blow cold air include:

  • A clogged air filter
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • A dirty condenser coil

Electrical issues such as a broken blower fan and a bad thermostat can also prevent an adequate amount of cold air from being circulated throughout your building.

AC is leaking water within the building

As hot unconditioned air blows over your AC system's evaporator coil, moisture forms on the coil and drips into a drain pan that is connected to a condensate drain line. The condensate drain line performs the important function of directing water to the outside.

Over time, it can become blocked with dirt and debris, preventing water from escaping your building. If water leaks from your AC system into the building, this is an indication that the condensate drain line may be clogged.

Commercial AC problems can occur at any time. The good news is that many problems can be fixed and your air conditioning unit returned to good working order. To ensure accurate diagnosis and proper repair of any problems you may face with your air conditioning system, contact a commercial air conditioning contractor near you.